Mary Spilsbury, M.A. MFT
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #50574

Mary Spilsbury


"The privilege of life is being who you are."         Joseph Campbell

  • Do you wonder if your quality of life could be improved?  Do you long to find your authentic self?  Come and sit with me and we can find your hidden treasures and celebrate your existence. I am excited about the opportunity to sit with you and share your journey
  • Therapy offers a chance to have a more joyous and fulfilling life. I will work with you in a safe, comfortable environment allowing you to address such issues as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, or whatever else may arise. I work in a relational way to contact core material that has been holding you back or impeding growth in certain areas of your life.  We can work together to overcome these obstacles, helping you enjoy a more satisfying, productive life as quickly as possible.
  • Having worked with children, adolescents and adults in overcoming depression, substance abuse and anxiety, and a host of other issues, I am aware of the need for acceptance and unconditional positive regard. 
  • I incorporate expressive arts, mindfulness, and body oriented awareness into my work with clients.  Today I work with young adults, people with "mid-life" questions, mothers addressing Post-Partum issues, and older adults struggling with grief and loss. I accompany these beautiful people on their journeys as they find their honest voice, solace and hope in times of transition. Offering a genuine authenticity that has been called "refreshing", I provide a safe haven for growth and transformation.